Translation of "second" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (TIME) 时间 uk us /ˈsek.ənd/

(abbreviation sec, s) a short unit of time which is equal to a sixtieth of a minute

There are sixty seconds in a minute. 1分钟有60秒。
These computers process millions of instructions per second. 这些电脑每秒钟处理几百万个指令。
The new system can trace a phone call in a fraction of a second. 新系统可以极快地查出来电号码。

a very short period of time

"Come on, hurry up!" "I'll just/only be a second - I've got to lock the back door." “快,跟上!”“等一小会儿,我得把后门锁上。”
Have you got a second, Paul? I'd like to have a word with you. 你能抽出点儿时间吗,保罗?我想和你说句话。
It won't take a second (= It will be very quick). 花不了多少时间。
Wait a couple of/a few seconds before trying again. 等一会儿再试。

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