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uk /sɪˈkjʊə.rə.ti/ us /səˈkjʊr.ə.t̬i/

security noun (PROTECTION)

B1 [ U ] protection of a person, building, organization, or country against threats such as crime or attacks by foreign countries

The station was closed for two hours because of a security alert. 由于有安全警报,车站关闭了两小时。
30 demonstrators were killed in clashes with the security forces over the weekend. 周末,30名示威者在与保安部队的冲突中丧生。
The tighter security measures/precautions include video cameras throughout the city centre. 加强安全保障措施包括在市中心安装摄像头。
The students were deported because they posed a threat to national security. 这些学生因对国家安全构成威胁而被驱逐出境。
The banks must tighten security against fraud. 拟议中的全国身份证系统将有助于加强安全保障,以防诈骗行为。
The most dangerous criminals are held in maximum-security prisons (= prisons that are as difficult as possible to escape from). 最为危险的罪犯被关押在戒备最森严的监狱里。

[ U, + sing/pl verb ] the group of people responsible for protecting a building

You'll need to notify security if you want to work late in the office. 如果想在办公室里工作到很晚,你需要通知保安人员。

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security noun (CERTAINTY)

C1 [ U ] the fact that something is not likely to fail or be lost

If it's a choice between higher pay and job security, I'd prefer to keep my job. 如果在更高的薪酬和安稳的工作两者之间进行选择,我宁愿保住工作。
I'm on a temporary contract and have little financial security (= cannot be sure of having enough money to live on). 我签的是临时合同,没什么经济保障。

security noun (FINANCE)

[ U ] property or goods that you promise to give to someone if you cannot pay what you owe them

She used her shares in the company as security against a $23 million bank loan. 她向银行所借的2300万英镑是以其在公司的股票为抵押的。
The hotel held onto our suitcases as security while we went to the bank to get money to pay the bill. 宾馆扣下我们的行李作为抵押,我们则去银行取钱来付账。
securities [ plural ] specialized

investment in a company or in government debt that can be traded on the financial markets and produces an income for the investor


security noun (CONFIDENCE)

C2 [ U ] the feeling of being confident in one's family and relationships

Most children need the security of a stable family life. 大多数孩子需要稳定的家庭生活带来的安全感。

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