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uk /siːd/ us /siːd/

seed noun (PLANT)

B2 [ C or U ] a small, round, or oval object produced by a plant and from which, when it is planted, a new plant can grow

Sow the seeds (= put them in the ground) about three centimetres deep. 把这些种子种进约3厘米深的地方。
The chemical will stop all seeds from sprouting (= starting to grow). 这种化学制品可使种子无法发芽。
The farmers grow these crops for seed (= for planting to grow more crops, rather than for eating). 农民种这些庄稼是为了育种。

[ U ] literary →  semen

go/run to seed

If a food plant goes or runs to seed, it produces flowers and seeds because it has not been picked early enough.

In hot weather lettuces can suddenly run to seed. 在炎热的天气下,莴苣会在很短的时间内开花结籽。

If a person or place goes or runs to seed, their physical appearance becomes worse because no one takes care of them.

After he retired, he really went to seed. 退休之后,他真的变得不修边幅了。

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seed noun (BEGINNING)

C2 [ C usually plural ] the cause of a feeling or situation, or the early stages of it

From these early seeds of their friendship, they grew into lifelong companions.
He may be sowing the seeds of his own destruction in the long term by using violence against his own people. 从长远看,他对自己的人民采取暴力可能会自食其果。

seed noun (SPORT)

[ C ] especially in tennis, a good player who is given a place on the list of those expected to win games in a particular competition because of the way they have played in the past

Turner's opponent in the quarter-finals is the number one seed. 在掷镖赛的四分之一决赛中,特纳的对手是1号种子选手。


uk /siːd/ us /siːd/

seed verb (PLANT)

[ I or T ] to produce seeds

The plants have seeded themselves (= their seeds have fallen) into the cracks between the paving stones. 植物的种子在铺路石的缝隙中落地生根。

[ T ] also deseed, to remove the seeds from a fruit or vegetable

Wash, seed, and cut the pepper into small pieces. 将辣椒洗洗,去籽,切成小片。

seed verb (SPORT)

[ T usually passive ] to make a player a seed

[ + adj ] Jones, seeded second, has won her last ten matches. 2号种子选手琼斯在过去的10场比赛中保持全胜。

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