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seemverb [ I + adv/prep, L ]

uk /siːm/ us /siːm/

B1 to give the effect of being; to be judged to be

He's 16, but he often seems (to be) younger. 他16岁了,但往往看起来要小些。
The children seemed (as if/as though/like they were) tired. 孩子们好像累了。
I suspect his claims are not all they seem - he tends to exaggerate. 我怀疑他的断言并不都属实——他往往夸大其词。
Things are seldom as/how/what they seem. 事情很少表里一致。
[ + to infinitive ] I seem to know more about him than anyone else. 我似乎比其他人更了解他。
They seem to be taking a long time to decide. 他们好像需要很长的时间才能作出决定。
[ + (that) ] It seems (that) she can't come. 她好像来不了了。
It seems to me (that) (= I think that) he isn't the right person for the job. 在我看来,他不是这项工作的合适人选。
formal It would seem (that) no action need be taken. 看来,我们需要在飞机起飞前两个小时赶到机场。
There seems to have been a mistake - my name isn't on the list. 似乎出现了错误——我的名字不在名单上。
[ after so ] "There's no reply - they've all gone home." "So it seems." “没有答复——他们都已经回家了。”“好象是这样。”
"Was a decision made?" "It seems not/so." “作出决定了吗?”“好象没作/作了。”

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