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uk /ˈsiː.ni.ər/ us /ˈsiː.njɚ/

senior adjective (HIGH RANK)

B2 high or higher in rank

senior management 高级管理层
a senior government minister 政府高级部长
She's senior to me, so I have to do what she tells me. 她是我的上级,所以我得听她的。

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senior adjective (OLDER)

B2 [ before noun ] older

The more senior students are given some extra responsibilities. 高年级的学生应该给低年级的学生树立榜样。

UK written abbreviation Snr, US written abbreviation Sr. used after a man's name to refer to the older of two people in the same family who have the same name

Hello, may I speak to Ken Griffey senior, please? 喂,请问老肯‧格里菲在吗?

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uk /ˈsiː.ni.ər/ us /ˈsiː.njɚ/

senior noun (HIGH RANK)

[ C ] someone who is high or higher in rank

It's important to impress your seniors if you want to be promoted. 如果你想得到晋升,给你的上级留下好印象很重要。

senior noun (OLDER)

20, 30, etc. years sb's senior

20, 30, etc. years older than someone

She married a man 20 years her senior. 她嫁给了一个比她年长20岁的男人。
She's my senior by three years (= she is three years older than me). 她比我大3岁。

[ C ] US a student in their final year of high school or university


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