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uk /sɜːv/ us /sɝːv/


A2 [ I or T ] to provide food or drinks

Do they serve meals in the bar? 这家酒吧提供饭菜吗?
Breakfast is served in the restaurant between 7.00 and 11.00. 餐馆早上7点到9点供应早餐。
We arrived at the hotel and were served with champagne and canapés. 我们到达宾馆后,宾馆提供了香槟和小饼干。
All recipes in this book, unless otherwise stated, will serve (= be enough for) four to five people. 本书里的所有食谱,除了特别标明的,都可供4至5人享用。
[ + obj + adj ] Serve the pie warm with ice cream or whipped cream. 趁热上果馅糕点,配上蛋奶沙司或掼奶油。

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serve verb (WORK)

C1 [ I or T ] to work for; to do your duty to

He served in the army for 22 years. 他在印度服了20年兵役。
She has served on the committee for the last 15 years. 15年来,她一直在该委员会供职。
He served under Ronald Reagan as Secretary of State. 他在哈罗德‧威尔逊手下当交通部长。

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serve verb (HELP ACHIEVE)

C1 [ I or T ] to help achieve something or to be useful as something

An official investigation would not serve any useful purpose. 部长说,她认为公开调查不会达到什么有用的目的。
The judge said that the fine would serve as a warning to other drivers. 法官说此次罚款对其他疏忽驾驶的司机会是一种警告。
In the absence of anything better the settee could serve as a bed for a couple of nights. 如果没有更好的选择,长沙发可以当几天床用。
[ + to infinitive ] Nothing serves to explain the violent fighting we have seen recently. 什么都无法解释我们最近所目睹的暴力斗殴。
old-fashioned My umbrella will serve for a weapon. 我的伞可以当武器用。

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[ T ] to provide with something that is needed

The report says the police are out of touch with the communities that they serve. 这份报告指出,伦敦的医院对它们所服务的社区毫不了解。

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B1 [ T ] in a shop, restaurant, or hotel, to deal with a customer by taking their order, showing or selling them goods, etc.

UK Are you being served, madam? 女士,有服务员招待您吗?
US Have you been served, ma'am?
That's the restaurant where they refused to serve John because he was so rude. 就是那家餐馆拒绝招待贾尔斯,因为他太粗鲁。

serve verb (SPEND TIME)

C2 [ T ] to spend a period of time doing something

He served four years in prison for robbery. 他因抢劫坐了4年牢。
After he'd served his apprenticeship he set up his own business. 他学徒期满后在海外找到了工作。
serve time

to spend time in prison

He's serving time for drug offences. 他因毒品犯罪正在服刑。

serve verb (HIT BALL)

[ I or T ] in sports such as tennis, to hit the ball to the other player as a way of starting the game

Whose turn is it to serve? 轮到谁发球了?
That's the third ace you've served this game. 那是你在这局比赛中第3次发球得分。

serve verb (GIVE DOCUMENT)

[ T ] specialized law to give a legal document to someone, demanding that they go to a law court or that they obey an order

Less than two weeks ago Gough finally served a writ on Slater, claiming damages for alleged loss of royalties. 不到两个星期以前,高夫终于将传票送达给斯莱特,要求对所涉及的版税损失作出赔偿。
Each person served with a summons will be given six weeks before they have to appear in the Magistrates' Court. 每一个收到传票的人都将在6个星期后在地方法院出庭。

servenoun [ C ]

uk /sɜːv/ us /sɝːv/ also service

in sports such as tennis, the act of hitting the ball to the other player to start play

It's your serve. 该你发球了。
Murray broke Federer's serve (= he won a game in which Federer hit the ball first).

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