Translation of "serve" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (PROVIDE FOOD/DRINK) 提供食物/饮料 uk us /sɜːv/ US  /sɝːv/

to provide food or drinks

Do they serve meals in the bar? 这家酒吧提供饭菜吗?
Breakfast is served in the restaurant between 7 and 9. 餐馆早上7点到9点供应早餐。
We arrived at the hotel and were served with champagne and canapés. 我们到达宾馆后,宾馆提供了香槟和小饼干。
All recipes in this book, unless otherwise stated, will serve (= be enough for) 4 to 5 people. 本书里的所有食谱,除了特别标明的,都可供4至5人享用。
[ + obj + adj ] Serve the tarts hot with custard or whipped cream. 趁热上果馅糕点,配上蛋奶沙司或掼奶油。

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