Translation of "shake" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (MOVE) 移动 uk us /ʃeɪk/ (shook, shaken)

[ T ] to move backwards and forwards or up and down in quick, short movements, or to make something or someone do this

A young boy climbed into the apple tree and shook the branches so that the fruit fell down. 一个男孩爬上苹果树,用力摇着枝条好让苹果掉下来。
Babies like toys that make a noise when they're shaken. 婴儿喜欢摇晃时能发出声响的玩具。
The explosion shook buildings for miles around. 爆炸震动了好几英里以内的房屋。
[ + obj + adj ] People in southern California were shaken awake by an earthquake. 加利福尼亚南部的人们被地震震醒了。
She shook her hair loose from its ribbon. 她抖了抖头发,把丝带抖掉。
Anna shook some powdered chocolate over her coffee. 安娜往咖啡里撒了一些巧克力粉。
Every time one of these big trucks goes through the village, all the houses shake. 每当这样的一辆大卡车从村里经过,所有的房屋都会颤动。
The child's body was shaking with sobs. 这个孩子哭得身子一颤一颤的。

[ I ] If you are shaking, your body makes quick short movements, or you feel as if it is doing so, because you are frightened or nervous

She was shaking as she opened the letter. 她颤抖着拆开了信。
Her voice shook as she spoke about the person who attacked her. 她谈起攻击她的人时声音直打颤。
I was shaking in my shoes/boots (= very nervous) about having to tell Dad what I'd done. 想到不得不告诉爸爸我的所作所为时,我害怕得直发抖。
I was shaking like a leaf/ UK like a jelly (= very nervous) before my exam. 我考试前特别紧张。
shake sb's hand/shake sb by the hand

to hold someone's hand and move it up and down, especially when you meet them for the first time or when you make an agreement with them

"Pleased to meet you, " he said, shaking my hand. “很高兴见到你,”他边说边与我握手。
The Princess was photographed shaking hands with AIDS victims. 王妃与艾滋病患者握手的场面被拍了下来。
It seems that we have a deal, so let's shake (hands) on it. 看来我们成交了,我们来为此握手吧。
"Congratulations, " she said, shaking the winner by the hand. “祝贺你,”她说着握了握获胜者的手。
shake your head

to move your head from side to side, in order to express disagreement, sadness or that you do not want or believe something

I asked Tim if he'd seen Jackie lately but he shook his head. 我问蒂姆近来是否见过杰基,他摇了摇头。
"That's incredible!" he said, shaking his head in disbelief. “简直难以置信!”他一边说,一边不相信地摇着头。
shake your fist

to hold your hand up in the air with your fingers and thumb bent, and move it forcefully backwards and forwards, to show that you are angry

He shook his fist at the driver who pulled out in front of him. 他向那个突然由路边冲到他前面行驶的司机挥了挥拳头。

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