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shaveverb [ I or T ]

uk /ʃeɪv/ us /ʃeɪv/

B1 to remove hair from the body, especially a man's face, by cutting it close to the skin with a razor, so that the skin feels smooth

John has to shave twice a day. 约翰每天得刮两次脸。
I always shave my legs in the shower. 我总是在洗澡的时候剃腿上的汗毛。
Do you shave under your arms? 你剃腋毛吗?
When my dad shaved his beard (off), he looked ten years younger. 我爸爸剃完胡子后,看上去年轻了10岁。

More examples

  • It's such a drag having to shave every day.
  • He didn't shave while we were on holiday.
  • Have you shaved today? You feel bristly.
  • If you shave the hair grows back even thicker.
  • I'd forgotten to shave my legs so I couldn't wear my skirt.

shavenoun [ C ]

uk /ʃeɪv/ us /ʃeɪv/

the act of shaving, especially a man's face

I need a shave. 我需要刮一下脸。
UK He washed and had a shave. 他洗了把脸,又刮了胡子。

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