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uk /ʃaɪn/ us /ʃaɪn/ shone or shined

shine verb (LIGHT)

B1 [ I ] to send out or reflect light

Is that light shining in your eyes? 那光晃眼吗?
The sun shone all afternoon. 整个下午阳光灿烂。
He polished the brass till it shone. 他把黄铜器皿擦得闪闪发光。
shine with sth

C1 If a person's eyes or face shine with a quality, you can see that quality in them very strongly.

Her eyes shone with delight. 她眼里洋溢着喜悦。

[ T ] to point a light in a particular direction

The policeman walked along the street, shining a torch into every car. 警察沿着街走,拿手电筒把每辆车都照了一遍。

[ T ] to make something bright by rubbing it

Guy ironed his shirt and shined his shoes for the interview. 为了参加面试,盖伊熨平了衬衫,擦亮了皮鞋。

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shine verb (ABILITY)

C2 [ I ] to be extremely good at an activity or skill, in an obvious way

She's terrible at languages, but she shines at/in science. 她在语言方面糟透了,但理科却很出众。
The play has a very strong cast, but two actors in particular shine out. 这部戏的演员阵容十分强大,其中有两名尤为突出。

Phrasal verb(s)

shinenoun [ S or U ]

uk /ʃaɪn/ us /ʃaɪn/

the fact that something is bright from reflected light on its surface

hair with body and shine 有造型又有光泽的头发
Wax polish gives a high shine to wood furniture. 用蜡打磨,可以使木制家具发亮,非常漂亮。

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