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uk /ʃɒt/ us /ʃɑːt/

past simple and past participle of shoot

开(枪),射(箭);发射;射中,射伤,射杀 (球类比赛中)射门;投球 直线冲刺 迅速冲过;飞速通过 拍摄;拍照 打(台球);玩(双骰子、赌博游戏) 注射(毒品)


uk /ʃɒt/ us /ʃɑːt/

shot noun (SPORT)

B2 [ C ] a kick, hit, or throw of the ball that is intended to score points in a sport such as cricket, football, tennis, or golf

And that was a great shot by Márquez! 那是马科斯打出的重重一击!
Murray drove a forehand shot down the line to win the match. 格拉芙一记正手击球,球正好落在界内,从而赢得了比赛。

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shot noun (WEAPON)

B2 [ C ] the action of firing a gun or another weapon

He fired four shots at the car as it drove off. 车驶离时,他向它连开4枪。
a good/poor shot

someone who is skilled/not skilled at aiming and firing a gun


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shot noun (ATTEMPT)

[ C usually singular ] informal an attempt to do or achieve something that you have not done before

I thought I'd have a shot at making my own wine. 我想尝试自己酿造葡萄酒。
I've never tried bowling before, but I thought I'd give it a shot. 我之前从未打过保龄球,不过我想试一下。

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B2 [ C ] a photograph

I got/took some really good shots of the harbour at sunset. 我拍了一些夕阳下的海港景色,真的很漂亮。

[ C ] a short piece in a film in which there is a single action or a short series of actions


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shot noun (AMOUNT OF DRINK)

[ C ] a small amount of an alcoholic drink

a shot of whisky 少量的威士忌

shot noun (DRUG)

a shot of sth informal

the amount of a drug that is put into the body by a single injection

The doctor gave him a shot of morphine. 医生给他注射了一剂吗啡。

shot noun (METAL BALL)

[ U ] a mass of small metal balls that are shot from a gun

Shotgun cartridges contain lead shot. 猎枪弹药筒里装有铅砂弹。


uk /ʃɒt/ us /ʃɑːt/

shot adjective (CLOTH)

(of silk) having small threads of a colour in it, so that the main colour appears to change depending on the angle at which the cloth is seen

Her evening dress is made of green shot silk. 她的晚礼服是用绿色闪色绸做的。

shot adjective (DESTROYED)

informal no longer working or effective

It's no good - these gears are shot. 没用了——这些齿轮已经磨坏了。

shot adjective (FREE)

get/be shot of sth UK informal

to get rid of or free of something, or to leave something

I can't wait to get shot of this office for a week. 我迫不急待地要离开这间办公室一周的时间。
I suspect he left home to get shot of that awful mother of his. 我猜测他离开家是为了摆脱他那位不可理喻的母亲。

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