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uk /ʃəʊ/ us /ʃoʊ/ showed, shown

show verb (MAKE SEEN)

A1 [ T ] to make it possible for something to be seen

[ + two objects ] Let me show you this new book I've just bought. 我一定要给你看看我刚买的这本新书。
On this map, urban areas are shown in grey. 在这张地图上,城区用灰色表示。
You ought to show that rash to your doctor. 你应该让医生看看那些皮疹。
[ + obj + question word ] Why won't you show me what's in your hand? 为什么不让我看你手里的东西?
[ + obj + -ing verb ] The secretly filmed video shows the prince and princess kissing. 秘密拍摄的录像中出现了王子和王妃接吻的画面。
These photographs show the effects of the chemical on the trees. 这些照片显示了这种化学品对树木的影响。
He began to show signs of recovery. 他开始出现了好转的迹象。
"This is a Victorian gold coin." "Is it? Show me (= allow me to see it)." “我这里有一枚维多利亚时代金币。”“真的吗?让我看看。”

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show verb (RECORD)

B1 [ T ] to record or express a number or measurement

The right-hand dial shows the temperature, and the left-hand one shows the air pressure. 右面的刻度盘显示温度,左面的刻度盘显示气压。
The company showed a loss of $2 million last year. 该公司去年亏损了200万英镑。
The latest crime figures show a sharp rise in burglaries. 最新的犯罪数据表明,入室盗窃案急剧增加。

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show verb (EXPLAIN)

B1 [ T ] to explain something to someone, by doing it or by giving instructions or examples

[ + question word ] Can you show me how to set the DVD player? 你能教我如何设置录像机吗?
This dictionary contains many examples that show how words are actually used. 这本词典包括许多说明单词实际用法的例子。
Could you show me the way to the bus station? 你能告诉我去公共汽车站怎么走吗?

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show verb (PROVE)

B2 [ T ] to prove something or make the truth or existence of something known

She has shown herself (to be) a highly competent manager. 她已经证明了自己是一个非常有能力的管理者。
His diaries show him to have been an extremely insecure person. 他的日记表明他一直是一个极不自信的人。
[ + (that) ] The diaries show (that) he was very insecure. 日记表明他曾经极不自信。
Show me (that) I can trust you. 证明给我看,让我可以相信你。
[ + question word ] Our research has shown (us) how little we know about this disease. 我们的研究表明,我们对这种疾病知之甚少。

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show verb (EXPRESS)

B2 [ T ] to express ideas or feelings using actions or words

He finds it difficult to show affection. 他发现表达爱意很难。
She showed enormous courage when she rescued him from the fire. 她把他从火里救出来时,表现出了极大的勇气。
[ + two objects ] You should show your parents more respect/show more respect to your parents. 你应该对你的父母更尊重一些。

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show verb (NOTICEABLE)

C1 [ I ] to be easy to see or notice

"Oh no, I've spilled red wine on my jacket!" "Don't worry, it doesn't show." “啊,不好,我把葡萄酒洒到夹克上了!”“没事儿,看不出来。”
Whatever she's thinking, she never lets it show. 不管她在想什么,她都从不表现出来。
I've painted over the graffiti twice, but it still shows through. 我已把这些涂鸦粉刷过两遍了,可是仍然能看出来。
The drug does not show up in blood tests because it is effective in very small quantities. 血液检验不会发现这些药物,因为只需极小的剂量它就能发挥作用。
When we moved in, the house hadn't been decorated for 20 years, and it showed. 我们搬进去时,那房子已有20年没有装修了,这能看得出来。
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show your age

to look as old as you really are

Recently, he's really starting to show his age. 最近,他真的开始显出老态了。

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show verb (PUBLIC EVENT)

[ T ] to make an artist's work available for the public to see

Our aim is to make it easier for young unknown artists to show their work. 我们的目的是方便不知名的年轻艺术家展出他们的作品。

[ I or T ] If a cinema or television station shows a film or programme, or if a film or programme is showing somewhere, you can see it there.

It's the first time this movie has been shown on television. 这是该电影首次在英国电视上播出。
Now showing at a cinema near you! 各大影院正在上映!

show verb (ARRIVE)

[ I ] mainly US to show up


show verb (LEAD)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to take someone somewhere by going there with them

Could you show Dr Sanchez into the living room? 你能领桑切斯博士去起居室吗?
The waiter showed us to our table. 服务员领我们到餐桌前。

show verb (FAIL TO HIDE)

[ T ] to fail to hide something, or to make it possible to see or know something that is not intended to be seen or known

Your shirt's so thin that it shows your bra. 你的衬衫太薄,里面的胸罩都透出来了。
Light-coloured carpets show the dirt. 浅色地毯不耐脏。
[ + question word ] His failure in the exams shows (up) just how bad his teachers are. 他考试未获通过,这恰恰表明他的老师们有多么糟糕。


[ T + obj + question word ] to make someone understand something by directing their attention to it

Can you show me where it hurts? 你能指给我看哪里疼吗?
Show me which one you want. 指给我看你想要哪一个。


uk /ʃəʊ/ us /ʃoʊ/


A2 [ C ] a theatre performance or a television or radio programme that is entertaining rather than serious

a radio/television/stage show 电台节目/电视节目/舞台演出
a quiz/game show 智力竞赛/游戏节目
Why don't we go to London on Saturday and see a show? 我们星期六为什么不去伦敦看场演出呢?
We had to raise £60,000 to stage the show. 我们得筹集6万英镑来上演该剧。
We had a puppet show for Jamie's birthday party. 我们在杰米的生日聚会上看了一场木偶戏。
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show noun (PUBLIC EVENT)

B2 [ C ] an event at which a group of related things are available for the public to look at

a fashion/flower show 时装/花卉展
There were some amazing new cars at the motor show. 车展上展出了一些令人惊叹的新车型。
They put on a retrospective show of his work at the National Museum of American Art. 他们在美国国家艺术博物馆为他举行了一次作品回顾展。
on show

C1 Something that is on show has been made available for the public to look at.

Her sculptures will be on show at the museum until the end of the month. 她的雕塑作品将会在博物馆中展览至月底。

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show noun (EXPRESSION)

[ C ] an action that makes other people know what your feelings, beliefs, or qualities are

In a show of solidarity, the management and workers have joined forces to campaign against the closure of the factory. 管理层和工人们出人意料地团结一致,共同反对关闭工厂。
Over 100 military vehicles paraded through the capital in a show of strength. 100多辆军车列队驶过首都以展示实力。
a good, poor, etc. show

an activity or piece of work that appears to be done with great, little, etc. effort

She may not have won, but she certainly put up a good show. 尽管她没有获胜,但她的确表现不俗。


[ C ] an appearance of something that is not really sincere or real

Despite its public show of unity, the royal family had its share of disagreements just like any other. 尽管在公众面前表现得很团结,实际上王室和其他家庭一样也存在着分歧。
They put on a show of being interested, but I don't think they really were. 他们假装很感兴趣,但我认为其实并非如此。
for show

Something that is for show has no practical value and is used only to improve the appearance of something else.

Do the lights on this phone have any useful function or are they just/only for show? 这台盒式录音机上的灯是有什么实际用处呢,还是仅仅作为装饰?

show noun (ACTIVITY)

[ U ] informal an activity, business, or organization, considered in relation to who is managing it

Who will run the show when Meg retires? 梅格退休后谁来负责此事?
The wedding is their show - let them do it their way. 婚礼是他们的事——让他们按自己的方式办吧。

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