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noun [ C ] (ENTERTAINMENT) 娱乐 uk us /ʃəʊ/ US  /ʃoʊ/

a theatrical performance or a television or radio programme which is entertaining rather than serious

a radio/television/stage show 电台节目/电视节目/舞台演出
a quiz/game show 智力竞赛/游戏节目
Why don't we go to London on Saturday and see a show? 我们星期六为什么不去伦敦看场演出呢?
We had to raise £60 000 to stage the show. 我们得筹集6万英镑来上演该剧。
We had a puppet show for Jamie's birthday party. 我们在杰米的生日聚会上看了一场木偶戏。
→ See also roadshow

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