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sisternoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsɪs.tər/ us /ˈsɪs.tɚ/

A1 a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person

Sophie and Emily are sisters. 索菲和埃米莉是姐妹。
Emily is Sophie's younger/little/older/big sister. 埃米莉是索菲的妹妹/姐姐。

a girl or woman who treats you in the kind way that a sister would

Lynn's such a good friend - she's like a sister to me. 琳恩真是一个好朋友——她就像我的姐妹一样。

a woman who shares an interest with you, especially that of improving women's rights

[ as form of address ] "We must continue the fight, sisters!" “我们必须继续战斗,姐妹们!”

US old-fashioned informal used to address a woman

[ as form of address ] OK, sister, move it! 好了,大姐,赶紧吧!

a female member of a religious group, especially a nun

Sister Bernadette

UK a female nurse who is in charge of a department of a hospital

The sister told us that visiting hours were over.
[ as form of address ] Excuse me, Sister, could I have some water?

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sisteradjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈsɪs.tər/ us /ˈsɪs.tɚ/

belonging to a pair or group of similar and related things, such as businesses, usually owned or operated by the same person or organization

our sister company in Australia 我们在澳大利亚的姊妹公司
the US battleship Missouri and her sister ship, the Wisconsin 美国战列舰密苏里号及其姊妹舰威斯康星号

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