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uk /skɪm/ us /skɪm/ -mm-

skim verb (MOVE ABOVE)

[ I or T ] to move quickly just above a surface without touching it

The birds skimmed (across/along/over) the tops of the waves. 鸟儿从浪尖上飞过。

[ T ] UK US skip to throw a flat stone horizontally over water so that it touches and rises off the surface several times

We watched a child skimming stones across the lake. 我们看着一个孩子在湖上打水漂。


[ I or T ] to read or consider something quickly in order to understand the main points, without studying it in detail

I've only skimmed (through/over) his letter; I haven't read it carefully yet. 我只是大致看了一遍他的来信,还没有细读。
We've only skimmed the surface of (= considered a small part of) the problem. 我们只是粗浅地讨论了一下这个问题。

skim verb (REMOVE)

[ T ] to remove something solid from the surface of a liquid

Strain the cooking liquid and skim off the fat. 把熬好的汤过滤,撇去油脂。

skim verb (STEAL)

[ T ] to secretly use a piece of equipment that records someone's credit card details in order to use their credit card account illegally


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