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uk /slæp/ us /slæp/

slap noun (HIT)

C2 [ C ] a quick hit with the flat part of the hand or other flat object

She gave her son a slap for behaving badly. 她因儿子不听话给了他一巴掌。
a slap in the face C2 informal

an action that insults or upsets someone

It was a real slap in the face for him when she refused to go out to dinner with him. 她拒绝和他一起出去吃晚饭,这对他真是一种侮辱。
a slap on the back

the action of hitting someone in a friendly way on the back in order to show praise for something they have done

He won - give him a slap on the back. 他赢了——应该好好祝贺他一下。
a slap on the wrist informal

a gentle warning or punishment

The police officer gave Minna a slap on the wrist for not wearing her seat belt. 法官因为明娜没有系安全带而对她稍稍惩戒了一下。

slap noun (FOR FACE)

[ U ] UK informal →  make-up

I'm just going to put a bit of slap on. 我正要去补补妆。



uk /slæp/ us /slæp/ UK also slap bang informal

directly or right

The football player kicked the ball slap into the middle of the net. 那名球员将足球不偏不斜地踢入了球网中央。

slapverb [ T ]

uk /slæp/ us /slæp/ -pp-

B2 to hit someone or something with the flat part of the hand or other flat object

She slapped his face. 她给了他一记耳光。
She slapped him across the face. 她抽了他一记耳光。
His friends slapped him on the back when he said he was getting married (= hit him lightly on the back in a friendly way to express pleasure at what he had done). 他说自己要结婚了时,他的朋友都向他表示祝贺。
When her ideas were rejected, she slapped her report (down) on the table and stormed out of the meeting. 她的想法被否决后,她把报告摔在桌子上,气冲冲地退出了会议。

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