Translation of "slap" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (HIT) uk us /slæp/

[ C ] a quick hit with the flat part of the hand or other flat object

She gave her son a slap for behaving badly. 她因儿子不听话给了他一巴掌。
a slap in the face informal

an action that insults or upsets someone

It was a real slap in the face for him when she refused to go out to dinner with him. 她拒绝和他一起出去吃晚饭,这对他真是一种侮辱。
a slap on the back

when someone hits you in a friendly way on the back in order to show praise for something you have done

He's won - give him a slap on the back. 他赢了——应该好好祝贺他一下。
a slap on the wrist informal

a gentle warning or punishment

The judge gave Minna a slap on the wrist for not wearing her seat belt. 法官因为明娜没有系安全带而对她稍稍惩戒了一下。

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