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uk /sleɪt/ us /sleɪt/

slate noun (ROCK)

[ C or U ] a dark grey rock that can be easily divided into thin pieces, or a small, thin piece of this used to cover a roof


slate noun (FOR WRITING)

[ C ] in the past, a small, thin, rectangular piece of slate (= rock), usually in a wooden frame, used for writing on, especially by children


slate noun (COMPUTER)

[ C ] also slate PC a small computer with a screen that you can write on using a special pen


slate noun (LIST)

[ C ] US a list of people who are being considered for a particular job or position, especially in politics

Is there anyone in the current slate of candidates who could defeat the president?
His novel was chosen from a slate of ten finalists.

slateverb [ T ]

uk /sleɪt/ us /sleɪt/

slate verb [ T ] (CHOOSE)

be slated

to be expected to happen in the future or to be expected to be or do something in the future

[ + to infinitive ] Jeff is slated to be the next captain of the team. 杰夫预计会成为该足球队的下一任队长。
The meeting is slated for (= the chosen day is) next Thursday. 选举定于下星期四举行。

slate verb [ T ] (CRITICIZE)

UK informal to attack by criticizing; to write or say that something is very bad

Her last book was slated by the critics. 她的新书受到了评论家的抨击。

slate verb [ T ] (ROCK)

to cover a roof with slates



uk /sleɪt/ us /sleɪt/

of a colour similar to slate

slate grey 石板灰
slate blue 石板蓝

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