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uk /slaɪt/ us /slaɪt/

slight adjective (SMALL IN AMOUNT)

B2 small in amount or degree

a slight improvement 略微的改善
a slight incline 缓坡
She had a slight headache. 我有点儿头痛。
I don't have the slightest idea what he's talking about. 我一点儿也不明白他在说什么。
not in the slightest

not at all

"Does it worry you?" "Not in the slightest." “这让你担心吗?”“一点儿也不。”

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slight adjective (THIN)

(of people) thin and delicate

Like most long-distance runners she is very slight. 和大多数长跑运动员一样,她十分苗条。

slightverb [ T ]

uk /slaɪt/ us /slaɪt/

to insult someone by ignoring them or treating them as if not important

I felt slighted when my boss thanked everyone but me for their hard work. 我的老板感谢了每个人所付出的艰辛劳动,唯独没有感谢我,这让我感到自己受到了轻视。

slightnoun [ C ]

uk /slaɪt/ us /slaɪt/

an action that insults a person because someone fails to pay attention to them or to treat them with the respect that they deserve

I regarded her failure to acknowledge my greeting as a slight. 她没有理会我的问候,我认为这是在轻视我。

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