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uk /ˈslaɪ us /ˈslaɪ

slightly adverb (SMALL IN AMOUNT)

B2 a little

She's slightly taller than her sister. 她比她姐姐稍高一点儿。
I'm slightly upset she forgot my birthday. 她忘了我的生日,我有点儿不高兴。
I'm slightly worried that she'll get lost on the way. 我有点担心她会迷路。

More examples

  • They were only slightly injured in the crash.
  • The sauce itself was light, fragrant and slightly sweet.
  • One of the occupants of the car was slightly injured.
  • The richness of the food made him feel slightly ill.
  • The pound rose slightly against the dollar today, then settled at $1.53.

slightly adverb (THIN)

Someone who is slightly built is thin and delicate.


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