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uk /sməʊk/ us /smoʊk/

smoke noun (GREY GAS)

B1 [ U ] the grey, black, or white mixture of gas and very small pieces of carbon that is produced when something burns

cigarette smoke 香烟的烟雾
a tiny smoke-filled room 烟雾弥漫的小酒吧
The fire produced a pall (= large mass) of smoke visible 20 miles away. 大火产生的大团烟雾在20英里之外都能看见。
Plumes of smoke billowed from the chimney. 滚滚浓烟从烟囱里冒出来。
She leaned back thoughtfully and blew a puff of (= a small amount of) smoke into the air. 她若有所思地向后靠去,吐出了一口烟。
go up in smoke

to be destroyed by burning

Because of the fire, hundreds of houses went up in smoke. 由于这场大火,数百座房屋被烧毁。

Something that goes up in smoke fails to produce the result that was wanted.

When the business went bankrupt, 20 years of hard work went up in smoke. 公司破产时,20年的苦心经营化为乌有。

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smoke noun (CIGARETTE)

[ S ] the act of smoking a cigarette

I really enjoy a smoke at the end of a meal. 我很喜欢在饭后抽一支烟。

[ C ] informal a cigarette

Would you buy me some smokes while you're out? 你出去的时候能帮我买些烟吗?

smoke noun (CITY)

the (big) smoke UK and Australian English informal

any large city, especially London, Sydney, or Melbourne

He was a young lad of 16 when he first came to the big smoke. 他初次来到这座大城市时还是个16岁的少年。


uk /sməʊk/ us /smoʊk/

smoke verb (BREATHE SMOKE)

A1 [ I or T ] to breathe smoke into the mouth and usually lungs from a cigarette, pipe, etc.

Do you mind if I smoke? 我抽根烟你介意吗?
I used to smoke a packet of cigarettes a day. 我曾经一天抽一包烟。

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smoke verb (GREY GAS)

[ I ] to produce smoke as a result of industrial activity or of something such as an electrical fault

The skyline is dominated by smoking factory chimneys. 地平线上全是工厂冒着烟的烟囱。
Suddenly the TV went blank and started smoking. 电视机突然图像全无,开始冒烟。

smoke verb (PRESERVE)

[ T ] to preserve meat, fish, or cheese using smoke from burning wood

People in Egypt were salting, drying, and smoking fish and meat 6,000 years ago. 中东、印度和埃及的人们6000年前就开始进行鱼和肉的腌制、风干和熏制。

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