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snagnoun [ C ]

uk /snæɡ/ us /snæɡ/

snag noun [ C ] (PROBLEM)

informal a problem, difficulty, or disadvantage

We don't anticipate any snags in/with the negotiations. 我们预料谈判不会出现任何麻烦。
The drug is very effective - the only snag is that it cannot be produced in large quantities. 这种药很有效——唯一的问题就是,它不能大量生产。
Talks hit a snag after 97 percent of union members voted to strike.

snag noun [ C ] (DAMAGE)

a tear, hole, or loose thread in a piece of clothing or cloth caused by a sharp or rough object

This sweater's full of snags. 这件毛衣被钩得全是洞。

snag noun [ C ] (FOOD)

Australian English informal for sausage



uk /snæɡ/ us /snæɡ/ -gg-

snag verb (DAMAGE)

[ T ] If you snag something, it becomes caught on a sharp object and tears.

Be careful not to snag your coat on the barbed wire. 小心别让铁丝网钩破衣服。

snag verb (GET)

[ T ] US informal to get or catch something by acting quickly

They'd have gone bust if they hadn't snagged that contract from their rivals. 要不是他们从对手那儿抢到了合同,他们早就破产了。
It was a good hit, but Silverman snagged it for the final out of the inning. 这个球击得很好,但西尔弗曼还是一下子抓到了,使局中最后一人出局。

snag verb (PROBLEM)

[ I or T ] mainly US to cause problems or difficulties for someone or something

Financial problems have snagged the project for the past six months. 过去6个月里,财务问题一直困扰着这项工程。
The negotiations have snagged on a dispute about who should chair them. 关于由谁来主持而引起的争议妨碍了谈判的进行。

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