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uk /snæp/ us /snæp/ -pp-

snap verb (BREAK)

C2 [ I or T ] to cause something that is thin to break suddenly and quickly with a cracking sound

You'll snap that ruler if you bend it too far. 如果你把那把尺子弯得太厉害,它就会咔嚓一下折断。
Some vandal's snapped off my car aerial again. 某个蓄意作恶的家伙又把我的汽车天线折断了。

C2 [ I ] to suddenly become unable to control a strong feeling, especially anger

When she asked me to postpone my trip to help her move to her new house, I just snapped (= got angry). 她让我推迟旅行帮她搬家时,我一下子就火了。

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snap verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to move into a position quickly, producing a short noise as if breaking

Tendons store elastic energy by stretching and then snapping back into shape like rubber bands. 腱通过橡皮筋似的拉伸和迅速缩回贮存了弹力。
Simply snap the pieces into place. 把这些小片啪啪放到适当位置就行。

[ I + adv/prep ] to quickly return to a previous place or condition

After substantial losses last year, the company has snapped back to profitability (= started making profits again). 去年出现巨额亏损之后,这家公司的经济状况又迅速好转,开始盈利了。
snap shut

C2 If something snaps shut or is snapped shut, it closes quickly with a sudden sharp sound.

She snapped her book shut and got up to leave. 她啪地合上书,起身离开了。
Her mouth snapped shut when she realized he'd heard everything she'd said about him. 意识到他听到了自己所说的一切关于他的话时,她立刻闭上了嘴。

snap verb (ANIMAL)

[ I ] If an animal snaps, it tries to bite someone.

The guard dog was snarling and snapping behind the fence. 那条看门狗正在篱笆后面吠咬。

snap verb (SPEAK)

C2 [ I or T ] to say something suddenly in an angry way

There's no need to snap at me - it's not my fault that you lost your wallet. 何必对我这样恶声恶气——你丢了钱包又不是我的错。
[ + speech ] "Well, I hate you too!" she snapped. “哼,我也恨你!”她厉声说。

snap verb (PHOTOGRAPH)

[ I or T ] to take a lot of photographs quickly

He was arrested for snapping photos of a military parade. 他因拍摄了阅兵式的快照而被逮捕。
She's very pleased with her new camera and was snapping away the whole time we were abroad. 她对自己的新相机十分满意,我们在国外时,她一直不停地拍照。


uk /snæp/ us /snæp/

snap noun (BREAKING NOISE)

[ C usually singular ] a sudden loud sound like something breaking or closing

She broke the stick over her knee with a loud snap. 她咔嚓一声用膝盖折断了棍子。

[ C ] US UK press stud, snap fastener a small piece of metal or plastic used to fasten clothes, with two usually round parts, one of which is pushed into the other


snap noun (PHOTOGRAPH)

[ C ] UK informal an informal photograph that is not very skilful or artistic

holiday snaps 假期拍的快照
Did you take many snaps while you were away? 你出游的时候拍了很多照片吗?

snap noun (GAME)

[ U ] a card game in which the players compete to call out the word "snap" when they see two cards that have the same value

a game of snap 呼“同”牌游戏

snap noun (SOMETHING EASY)

[ S ] US informal something that can be done without any difficulty

"Will you finish on time?" "Sure thing. It's a snap." “你能按时完成吗?”“当然,太容易了。”
Talking to girls is a snap for him. 和女孩子交谈对他来说十分容易。

snapadjective [ before noun ]

uk /snæp/ us /snæp/

done suddenly without allowing time for careful thought or preparation

He always makes snap decisions and never thinks about their consequences. 他总是匆忙作决定,从不考虑后果。


uk /snæp/ us /snæp/

"Snap!" is what you say in the game of snap when two cards of the same value have been played.


UK informal something that you say when you notice that two things are the same

Snap! We're wearing the same shirts! 太巧了!我们穿了同样的衬衫!

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