Translation of "soap" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /səʊp/ US  /soʊp/

[ C or U ] a substance used for washing the body which is usually hard, often has a pleasant smell, and produces a mass of bubbles when rubbed with water, or a piece of this

a bar of soap 一块肥皂
liquid soap 肥皂液
soap and water 肥皂和水
a soap dish/dispenser 肥皂盘/皂液器
soap bubbles 肥皂泡
She bought me a box of prettily coloured soaps. 她给我买了一箱颜色漂亮的肥皂。

[ C ] informal a soap opera

肥皂剧(肥皂剧 Soap 说是是那些低成本制作的电视或广播节目,讲述某一组特定角色的生活和问题,午间或下午给家庭主妇看,主流美剧播出时间都是晚上8点到10点;很多节目的连续剧甚至可以播放几十年)

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