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uk /sɒft/ us /sɑːft/

soft adjective (NOT HARD)

A2 not hard or firm

soft ground 松软的地面
a soft pillow/mattress 软枕头/床垫
soft cheese 软奶酪
I like chocolates with soft centres. 我喜欢软质夹心巧克力。
Soft tissue, such as flesh, allows X-rays through. X光能穿透肌肉等软组织。

A2 Soft things, especially parts of the body, are not hard or rough and feel pleasant and smooth when touched.

soft lips/cheeks/skin/hair 柔润的嘴唇/柔滑的双颊/柔滑的肌肤/柔顺的头发
soft leather 柔软的皮革

informal disapproving Someone who is soft is not very healthy and strong

Look at you! You need more exercise. You're going/getting soft. 看看你!你需要多加锻炼,你的身体越来越虚弱了。

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soft adjective (GENTLE)

B1 not forceful, loud, or easily noticed

a soft voice/sound 柔和的声音
soft music/lighting 轻柔的音乐/柔和的灯光
a soft glow 柔和的光

disapproving not severe or forceful enough, especially in criticizing or punishing someone who has done something wrong

She thinks I'm too soft on the kids when they misbehave. 她认为孩子们不守规矩的时候我的态度过于软弱。
The government can't be seen to be taking a soft line (= not being severe enough) with criminals. 政府不应该对犯罪分子心慈手软。

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soft adjective (EASY)

UK not difficult

He's got a pretty soft job - he hardly seems to do anything all day. 他的工作很轻松——似乎整天都没什么事。

soft adjective (DRUGS)

[ before noun ] Soft drugs are illegal drugs that many people think are not dangerous.


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