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noun [ U ] (also South) uk us /saʊθ/ (written abbreviation S, UK also Sth, US also So)

the direction which goes towards the part of the Earth below the equator, opposite to the north, or the part of an area or country which is in this direction

The points of the compass are North, South, East and West. 指南针上的四个方位分别是北、南、东、西。
The best beaches are in the south (of the island). 最好的海滩位于(岛的)南部。
We usually spend our holidays in the South of France. 我们通常在法国南部度假。
Canberra is/lies to the south of Sydney. 堪培拉在悉尼的南边。
the South

the southern states of the middle and eastern part of the US

The American Civil War was fought between the North and the South partly over the issue of slavery. 美国南北战争在一定程度上是南北之间围绕奴隶制问题展开的战争。

the developing countries of the world, most of which are below the equator

南方(指发展中国家,因其大多数位于南半球) → See also the Third World

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