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uk /spæn/ us /spæn/

span noun (TIME)

[ C usually singular ] the period of time that sometimes exists or happens

He has a short attention/concentration span. 他的注意力持续时间很短。
an average life span of 70 years 平均寿命70岁
Over a span of just three years, the new government has transformed the country's economic prospects. 仅仅3年的时间,新政府已经使该国的经济前景出现了改观。
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span noun (LENGTH)

[ C ] the length of something from one end to the other

huge wings with a span of over a metre 翼展超过1米的巨型翅膀
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[ C ] the area of a bridge, etc. between two supports

The bridge crosses the river in a single span. 河上的桥是单孔桥。


uk /spæn/ us /spæn/

span verb (SPIN)

past simple of spin


span verb (TIME)

[ T ] -nn- to exist or continue for a particular length of time

Tennis has a history spanning several centuries. 网球的历史长达几个世纪。
Her acting career spanned almost six decades. 她的演艺生涯持续了近60载。

span verb (BRIDGE)

[ T ] -nn- If a bridge spans a river, it goes from one side to the other.

An old bridge spans the river just outside the town. 一座老桥横跨在镇外的河上。


uk /spæn/ us /spæn/
spick and span

→  spick and span


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