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uk /speər/ us /sper/

spare adjective (EXTRA)

B1 If something is spare, it is available to use because it is extra.

a spare key/tyre 备用钥匙/轮胎
spare sheets and blankets 多余的床单和毛毯
Do you have a spare pen? 你有多余的笔吗?
We have a spare room if you want to stay overnight with us. 要是你想在我们这里过夜的话,我们有一个空房间。
Could I have a word with you when you have a spare moment/minute? 如果你有时间,我能否和你谈两句?
UK informal "Do you want this cake?" "Yes, if it's going spare (= if no one else wants it)." “你要这块蛋糕吗?”“如果没有别人要,就给我吧。”
spare time

A2 time when you are not working

I like to paint in my spare time. 我业余时间喜欢搞点园艺。

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spare adjective (THIN)

literary tall and thin

He had the spare build of a runner. 他有着赛跑运动员的瘦长体型。

spare adjective (NOT DECORATED)

literary usually approving plain and not decorated

The interior is spare, almost minimalist. 内部是简朴的,几乎是最简单的。

spare adjective (ANNOYED)

go spare UK informal

to get very upset or angry

She goes spare if I'm so much as five minutes late. 如果我迟到5分钟,她就会很生气。


uk /speər/ us /sper/

spare verb (SAVE)

[ T ] to not hurt or destroy something or someone

They asked him to spare the women and children. 他们要他放过妇女和儿童。

spare verb (AVOID)

[ T + two objects ] to prevent someone from having to experience something unpleasant

Luckily, I was spared the embarrassment of having to sing in front of everyone. 幸运的是,我躲过了在大家面前唱歌的尴尬。
It was a nasty accident - but I'll spare you (= I won't tell you) the gruesome details. 那是一起严重的事故——我就不跟你讲那些令人毛骨悚然的细节了。

spare verb (TRY HARD)

spare no effort/expense

C2 to use a lot of effort, expense, etc. to do something

[ + to infinitive ] We will spare no effort to find out who did this. 我们会不遗余力,一定查出是谁做了这件事。
not spare yourself UK formal

to try as hard as you can to achieve something

She never spared herself in the pursuit of excellence. 她竭尽全力追求卓越。

spare verb (GIVE)

C1 [ T ] to give time, money, or space to someone, especially when it is difficult for you

[ + two objects ] Could you spare me £20? 你能匀给我10英镑吗?
I'd love to come, but I can't spare the time. 我很想来,但恐怕没时间。
spare a thought for sb

C2 to think about someone who is in a difficult or unpleasant situation

Spare a thought for me tomorrow, when you're lying on a beach, because I'll still be here in the office! 明天你躺在海滩上的时候,替我想想吧,因为我还在办公室里!
to spare

C1 left over or more than you need

If you have any woolyarn to spare when you've finished the sweater, can you make me some gloves? 如果你织完毛衣还剩下毛线的话,可以给我织副手套吗?
I caught the plane with only two minutes to spare. 我赶上飞机时距离起飞只剩两分钟了。
There's no time/We have no time to spare if we want to get the article written by tomorrow. 如果我们想明天就把这篇文章写完,那么就没剩多少时间了。


uk /speər/ us /sper/

[ C ] an extra thing that is not being used and can be used instead of a part that is broken, lost, etc.


[ C usually plural ] also spare part a piece that can be used to replace another similar piece in a car or other device


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