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noun (SAY WORDS) 说话 uk us /spiːtʃ/

[ U ] the ability to talk, the activity of talking, or a piece of spoken language

Children usually develop speech in the second year of life. 儿童通常在1岁以后开始学习说话。
People who suffer a stroke may experience a loss of speech. 中风患者可能会丧失说话能力。

[ U ] the way a person talks

His speech was slurred and I thought he was drunk. 他说话含混不清,我想他是喝醉了。

[ U ] the language used when talking

Some expressions are used more in speech than in writing. 有些表达方式在口语中比书面语中用得多。

[ C ] a set of words spoken in a play

Do you know the words to Hamlet's famous speech at the beginning of Act III? 你知道第3幕开头哈姆雷特那段著名的台词具体怎么说吗?

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