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uk /spiːd/ us /spiːd/

speed noun (RATE OF MOVEMENT)

B1 [ C or U ] how fast something moves

He was travelling at a speed of 90 mph. 他以每小时90英里的速度行进。
The car has a top speed of 155 miles per hour. 这辆汽车的最高时速是155英里。
You should lower/reduce your speed as you approach a junction. 接近交叉路口时应该放慢速度。
On a clear, straight road you can gather/pick up speed. 在空旷笔直的公路上可以加速行驶。
He came off the road while driving his car round a bend at high/breakneck speed (= very fast). 他在弯道上开得飞快,结果冲出了公路。
There are speed restrictions (= controls on how fast traffic is allowed to move) on this part of the road. 这段路是限速的。
an electric drill with two speeds (= rates at which it turns) 有两挡速度的电钻

B2 [ U ] very fast movement

I get a real thrill from speed. 飞速驾车会让我兴奋不已。
He put on a sudden burst of speed. 他突然加速了。
Both cars were travelling at speed (= very fast) when the accident happened. 事故发生时两辆车的速度都很快。

[ U ] how fast something happens

We were surprised at the speed of the response to our enquiry. 这么快就得到了答复,让我们很惊讶。
It was the speed at which it all happened that shocked me. 令我感到震惊的是整个事情发生得如此之快。
She got through her work with speed (= quickly) and efficiency. 她快速而高效地完成了她的工作。
the speed of light/sound

the rate at which light or sound travels

The speed of light is 300 million metres per second. 光速是每秒钟3亿米。
These planes travel at twice the speed of sound. 这些飞机以两倍音速飞行。

[ C ] a gear noun

a bicycle with ten speeds 有10挡速度的自行车
a ten-speed bicycle 十速自行车

[ C ] the rate at which a photographic film absorbs or reacts to light

What speed film do I need for taking photographs indoors? 我在室内拍照片需要感亮度为多少的胶卷?
shutter speed

the length of time for which part of a camera is open to allow light to reach the film when a photograph is being taken

a high/low shutter speed 高/低快门速度

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speed noun (DRUG)

[ U ] slang for amphetamine (= a drug that makes the mind or body more active)

She was on speed at the time. 她当时服了安非他明。


speedverb [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ]

uk /spiːd/ us /spiːd/ sped or speeded, sped or speeded

to (cause to) move, go, or happen fast

The train sped along at over 120 miles per hour. 火车以每小时120多英里的速度飞驰。
The actress then sped away/off in a waiting car. 后来女演员钻进了一辆等候的汽车,迅速离开了。
We sped down the ski slopes. 我们飞速滑下滑雪坡。
This year is speeding by/past. 这一年过得特别快。
Ambulances sped the injured people (= moved them quickly) away from the scene. 救护车载着伤员飞速驶离现场。
The best thing you can do to speed your recovery (= make it quicker) is to rest. 尽快让身体康复的最佳方法就是休息。
be speeding

to be driving faster than you are legally allowed to do

He was caught speeding. 他超速行驶被抓住了。

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