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uk /spaɪs/ us /spaɪs/

spice noun (FOOD)

B1 [ C or U ] a substance made from a plant, used to give a special flavour to food

Cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are all spices. 肉桂、姜和丁香都属于香料。
Spices are widely used in South Asian cooking. 印度菜中广泛使用各种调味香料。

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spice noun (INTEREST)

C2 [ S or U ] something that makes something else more exciting and interesting

A scandal or two adds a little spice to office life. 一两个谣言为办公室生活平添了一点乐趣。

spiceverb [ T ]

uk /spaɪs/ us /spaɪs/

to use spice to add flavour to food or drink

coffee spiced with cinnamon 加了桂皮调味的咖啡
a highly spiced curry 味道很重的咖喱

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