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spiralnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈspaɪə.rəl/ us /ˈspaɪr.əl/

a shape made up of curves, each one above or wider than the one before

A corkscrew is spiral-shaped. 瓶塞钻是螺旋形的。
downward spiral

C2 a situation in which a price, etc. becomes lower, or a situation gets worse and is difficult to control because one bad event causes another

This year's downward spiral of house prices has depressed the market. 今年房价的持续下跌造成了市场的疲软。
We have to avoid the downward spiral in which unemployment leads to homelessness and then to crime. 我们必须避免失业导致无家可归,进而导致犯罪的恶性循环。

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spiralverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /ˈspaɪə.rəl/ us /ˈspaɪr.əl/ -ll- or US usually -l-

to move in a spiral

With one wing damaged, the model airplane spiralled downwards. 模型飞机的一个机翼坏了,盘旋着下坠。

If costs, prices, etc. spiral, they increase faster and faster.

Spiralling costs have squeezed profits. 急剧上升的成本压缩了利润空间。
spiral downwards

(of prices, etc.) to become less, at a faster and faster rate


spiraladjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈspaɪə.rəl/ us /ˈspaɪr.əl/

shaped in a series of curves, each one above or wider than the one before

a spiral staircase 螺旋式楼梯
a spiral galaxy 漩涡星系

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