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uk /splæʃ/ us /splæʃ/

splash verb (LIQUID)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] UK informal also splosh If a liquid splashes or if you splash a liquid, it falls on or hits something or someone.

Water was splashing from a hole in the roof. 水从屋顶的洞里泼溅下来。
Unfortunately some paint splashed onto the rug. 糟糕的是小地毯上溅上了一些油漆。
She splashed her face with cold water. 她往脸上撩冷水。
She poured a large gin and splashed soda into it from a siphon. 她倒了一大杯杜松子酒,然后从苏打水瓶里倒了些苏打水掺进去。

B2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] UK informal also splosh to move in water so that drops of it go in all directions

The kids were splashing (about/around) in the shallow end of the swimming pool. 孩子们在游泳池的浅水区戏水。

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splash verb (SHOW)

[ T + adv/prep ] to print or show something in a very noticeable way

Several newspapers splashed colour pictures of the star across their front pages. 几份报纸在头版显着位置刊登了王子的多幅彩照。

Phrasal verb(s)

splashnoun [ C ]

uk /splæʃ/ us /splæʃ/

splash noun [ C ] (LIQUID)

C2 a small amount of a liquid that has fallen or been dropped

There were several splashes of white paint on the carpet. 地毯上溅有几点白色的油漆。

B2 the noise of something hitting or moving in water

We heard a splash and then saw that Toni had fallen in the river. 我们听到扑通一声,接着就看到托尼掉到了河里。

splash noun [ C ] (SHOW)

something or someone bright or very noticeable

The little girl in her flowery dress provides the only splash of colour in the picture. 穿着花裙子的小女孩为照片增添了唯一的一抹亮色。


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