Translation of "spoil" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (DESTROY) 破坏 uk us /spɔɪl/ (spoiled or spoilt)

[ T ] to destroy or reduce the pleasure, interest or beauty of something

He tried not to let the bad news spoil his evening. 他努力不让那个坏消息破坏他晚上的兴致。
The oil spill has spoilt the whole beautiful coastline. 溢出的石油破坏了整段漂亮的海岸线。
I haven't seen the film, so don't spoil it for me by telling me what happens. 我还没看那部电影,所以别把内容告诉我,以免坏了我的兴致。
You'll spoil your appetite for dinner if you have a cake now. 你要是现在吃蛋糕的话,就没胃口吃晚饭了。

[ I or T ] When food spoils or is spoilt, it is no longer good enough to eat

The dessert will spoil if you don't keep it in the fridge. 如果你不把甜点放在冰箱里,它会坏掉的。

[ T ] UK specialized to mark a ballot paper so that it cannot be officially counted as a vote

Since she supported none of the candidates, she spoiled her ballot paper. 几个候选人她哪个都不支持,因此她把选票作废了。

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