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uk /spʌndʒ/ us /spʌndʒ/

sponge noun (SUBSTANCE)

[ C ] a soft substance that is full of small holes and can absorb a lot of liquid, and is used for washing and cleaning


[ S ] the action of rubbing something or someone with a wet sponge or cloth in order to clean it, him, or her

Give it a sponge with a damp cloth - that will remove the blood stains. 用湿布擦一下——能把血迹擦掉。

sponge noun (CAKE)

[ C or U ] also sponge cake a soft cake made with eggs, sugar, and flour but usually no fat



uk /spʌndʒ/ us /spʌndʒ/

sponge verb (GET MONEY)

[ I or T ] disapproving to get money, food, etc. from other people, especially in order to live without working

sponging off the state 靠国家来养活

sponge verb (CLEAN)

[ T ] also sponge down to rub something or someone with a wet sponge or cloth, especially to clean it, him, or her

Most food stains will come off if you sponge the material with a little detergent. 用一点去污剂能去除布料上的大部分食物污渍。
The doctor told me to sponge Erik down with cold water in order to lower his temperature. 医生告诉我用冷水给埃里克擦身,以帮他降低体温。

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