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squarenoun [ C ]

uk /skweər/ us /skwer/

square noun [ C ] (SHAPE)

A2 a flat shape with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90°

First draw a square. 首先画一个正方形。
It's a square-shaped room. 这是个正方形的房间。

A2 any square-shaped object

When cooled, cut the chocolate brownies into squares. 冷却之后,将巧克力蛋糕切成四方块。

A2 an area of approximately square-shaped land in a city or a town, often including the buildings that surround it

Are they still living at 6 Eaton Square? 他们还住在伊顿广场6号吗?
A band were playing in the town square. 一个乐队当时正在镇广场上演出。

a particular space on a board used for playing games

She moved her castle forward three squares. 她把自己的车向前走了3格。

US a tool for drawing or testing a right angle


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square noun [ C ] (BORING PERSON)

old-fashioned informal a boring person who does not like new and exciting ideas

He's a bit of a square. 他有点儿古板。

square noun [ C ] (MULTIPLY)

the result of multiplying a number by itself

The square of 7 is 49. 7的平方是49。


uk /skweər/ us /skwer/

square adjective (SHAPE)

A2 having the shape of a square

The recipe recommends that you use a square cake tin. 食谱建议使用方形蛋糕烤盘。
He's got that square-jawed masculinity that a lot of women seem to find attractive. 他有个刚毅的方下巴,这在许多女人眼中似乎很有吸引力。

written abbreviation sq., symbol 2 used with units of measurement of length to express the total size of an area

The floor is 3 m wide by 5 m long, so its total area is 15 sq m. 房间的地面是3米宽5米长,总面积是15平方米。
The city itself covers 13 square miles. 该城市占地13平方英里。
Ensure that the exposed area is less than 2 cm2. 要确保暴露在外的面积小于2平方厘米。

Square is used immediately after measurements of length when expressing the length of the four sides of a square-shaped area.

So you want carpet for a room that's eight metres square (= eight metres long and eight metres wide). 因此你需要8米见方的室内地毯。

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square adjective (EQUAL)

informal equal or level

Could you stand back from these shelves and tell me if they're square (= level)? 你能不能往后站一些,告诉我这些架子摆得正不正?
(all) square informal

If two people are all square, one of them has paid off a debt to the other and neither now owes or is owed any money.


If two teams or players are (all) square, they have an equal number of goals or points.

They're all square at 30 points each. 他们打成平局,每个都是30分。

square adjective (STRAIGHT)

in a straight line


square adjective (BORING PERSON)

old-fashioned informal used to describe a person who is boring and does not like new and exciting things

Do you think my new haircut makes me look a bit square? 你觉得我的新发型是不是让我看上去有点儿古板?


uk /skweər/ us /skwer/

square verb (MULTIPLY)

[ T ] to multiply a number by itself

10 squared equals a hundred. 10的平方是100。
42 means four squared, and equals 16. 4的二次方就是4的平方,等于16。

square verb (SHAPE)

square your shoulders

to pull your shoulders up and back because you feel determined to do something

He squared his shoulders and took a deep breath before diving into the pool. 他挺直肩膀,做了个深呼吸,然后扎进了游泳池。

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