Translation of "stage" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (THEATRE) 剧场 uk us /steɪdʒ/

the area in a theatre which is often raised above ground level and on which actors or entertainers perform

Hamlet is on stage for most of the act. 这一幕的大部分时间哈姆雷特都出场。
The orchestra went on/off stage to great applause. 管弦乐队在雷鸣般的掌声中登场/走下舞台。
The play is a stage adaptation of William Golding's novel. 这部戏是根据威廉‧戈尔丁的小说改编的舞台剧。
The opera singer returns to the London stage (= will perform again in London) this summer. 那位歌剧演员今夏将重返伦敦舞台。

a particular area of public life

The president was extremely popular on the world stage but was disliked in his own country. 总统在世界舞台上极受欢迎,但在本国却不受拥戴。
take the stage

to go onto the stage and start to perform


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