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uk /steɪn/ us /steɪn/

stain verb (MARK)

C2 [ I or T ] to leave a mark on something that is difficult to remove

Tomato sauce stains terribly - it's really difficult to get it out of clothes. 西红柿沙司沾上就很麻烦——很难把它从衣服上洗掉。
While she was changing the wheel on her car, her coat had become stained with oil. 她给汽车换轮胎时,外套沾上了油污。

[ I ] If a material stains, it absorbs substances easily, causing it to become covered with marks, or coloured by a chemical.

This carpet is ideal for the kitchen because it doesn't stain easily. 这块地毯很适合在厨房里用,因为它很耐脏。

[ T ] to change the colour of something using a chemical

She stripped the floorboards and stained them dark brown. 她刮掉原来的漆,把地板刷成了深棕色。

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stain verb (SPOIL)

C2 [ T ] literary to permanently spoil something such as someone's reputation

Several important politicians have had their reputations stained by this scandal. 好几位重要的政界人士都因为这起丑闻而名声受损。
The country's history is stained with the blood of (= the country is guilty of killing) millions of innocent men and women. 这个国家的历史沾满了数百万无辜者的鲜血。


uk /steɪn/ us /steɪn/

stain noun (MARK)

B1 [ C ] a dirty mark on something that is difficult to remove

a blood/grass stain 血污/草渍
You can remove a red wine stain from a carpet by sprinkling salt over it. 地毯上红酒的污渍可艾萨克盐来清除。

[ C ] a chemical for changing the colour of something


stain noun (DAMAGE)

[ S ] literary permanent damage to someone's reputation or character

His solicitor said, "He leaves this court without a stain on his character." 他的律师威廉•杰克逊说:“他走出法庭时名声将丝毫无损。”

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