Translation of "stake" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (RISK) 风险 uk us /steɪk/

the amount of money which you risk on the result of something such as a game or competition

She spent two weeks in Las Vegas playing high-stakes blackjack at the casinos. 她在拉斯韦加斯的赌场里玩了两个星期的高赌注二十一点。
the stakes [ plural ]

In an activity or competition, the stakes are the reward for the person who wins or succeeds in it

The team is playing for enormous stakes - the chance to play in the final. 这支球队正在为大奖——进入决赛——而拼搏。
the Stakes

a horse race in which the prize money is provided by all the owners of the horses which are competing in the race

the popularity, etc. stakes

a situation where someone is judged on how much of a particular quality they have

The prime minister is not very high in the popularity stakes (= he is not very popular) at the moment. 首相当前的人气并不是很旺。
raise/up the stakes

to increase the prize or reward in a competition or any activity in which you are competing


to make a situation more urgent or more difficult to ignore

The stowaways are trying to raise the stakes by refusing to eat until they are given money and aid. 偷渡者正试图通过绝食来使事态扩大,直到他们得到钱和援助。

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