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uk /stɑːr/ us /stɑːr/

star noun (OBJECT IN SPACE)

A2 [ C ] a very large ball of burning gas in space that is usually seen from the earth as a point of light in the sky at night

Stars twinkled above them as they lay on the hill. 他们躺在小山上,头顶繁星闪烁。

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star noun (PERFORMER)

A2 [ C ] a very famous, successful, and important person, especially a performer such as a musician, actor, or sports player

a rock/movie/football star 摇滚歌星/影星/足球明星
Kids wanting to be stars come to Hollywood from all over America. 想当明星的年轻人从美国各地来到好莱坞。

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star noun (SYMBOL)

A2 [ C ] a symbol with four or more points

star-shaped 星形的
How many stars (= symbols showing quality) does this restaurant have? 这家饭店是几星级的?
The teacher gave Tom a gold star (= a paper symbol rewarding good work) for his drawing. 老师给了阿蒂科斯一颗金星,表扬他的画画得好。

a symbol made of metal or cloth worn by particular officials to show their rank

a sheriff's star 治安官的星章
a four-star general 四星上将

[ C ] an asterisk (= a symbol *)


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star noun (LUCK)

[ C ] informal any planet or other object in the sky thought of in astrology as influencing a person's luck

She was born under a lucky/an unlucky star. 她生来命就好/不好。
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stars [ plural ] informal

→  horoscope

I always like to see what the stars say in the newspaper. 我总是喜欢看报纸的星相版说些什么。


starverb [ I + prep, T ]

uk /stɑːr/ us /stɑːr/ -rr-

B1 If a film, play, etc. stars someone, or if someone stars in a film, play, etc., they are the main actor in it.

David Oyelowo starred in the movie "Selma". 本•金斯利主演了电影《甘地》。
Zusak's novel "The Book Thief" was turned into a movie starring Geoffrey Rush. 福尔斯的小说《法国中尉的女人》被改编成电影,由梅丽尔•斯特里普领衔主演。

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staradjective [ before noun ]

uk /stɑːr/ us /stɑːr/ informal

C1 best or most important

Natalie is, without a doubt, the star student in this year's ballet class. 毫无疑问,纳塔莉是今年芭蕾班中最出色的学员。
This afternoon the prosecution will call its star witness. 今天下午控方将传召其最重要的证人。


uk / -stɑːr/ us / -stɑːr/

a measurement of quality, usually in numbers from one to five with one being the lowest

A three-star hotel is better than a two-star. 三星级酒店比二星的要好。

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