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uk /stɑːv/ us /stɑːrv/

C1 [ I or T ] to (cause someone to) become very weak or die because there is not enough food to eat

Whole communities starved to death during the long drought. 在这场漫长的大旱中,整个村落的人都饿死了。
From talking to former prisoners in the camps, an obvious conclusion is that they have been starved. 通过和从集中营出来的囚犯谈话,一个很明显的感觉就是他们一直在挨饿。

[ T often passive ] If you are starved of something necessary or good, you do not receive enough of it.

People starved of sleep start to lose their concentration and may hallucinate. 睡眠严重不足的人开始注意力不集中,而且可能会产生幻觉。

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