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uk /stɒk/ us /stɑːk/

stock noun (SUPPLY)

C1 [ C or U ] a supply of something for use or sale

It is now halfway through winter and food stocks are already low. 现在冬天刚刚过半,但食物的储备已经不足了。
The local shop has a good stock of postcards and guidebooks. 本地商店备有大量明信片和旅游指南。
Much of the city's housing stock (= the number of houses in the city) is over 100 years old. 城市中许多住房都有100多年的历史了。

B2 [ U ] the total amount of goods or the amount of a particular type of goods available in a shop

This shop sells its old stock at very low prices. 这家商店以极低的价格出售以前的存货。
We'll be getting our new stock in on Friday. 我们将于周五到新货。
The new edition is in/out of stock (= available/not available) in major bookshops. 新版在各大书店都有售/脱销了。

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stock noun (MONEY)

[ U ] the amount of money that a company has through selling shares to people

They own 20 percent of the company's stock. 他们拥有公司20%的股份。

[ C or U ] part of the ownership of a company that can be bought by members of the public

Stock prices fell yesterday in heavy trading. 股价昨日放量下跌。
She buys and sells stocks and shares. 她买卖股票。

[ C or U ] UK money that people invest in the government, producing a fixed rate of interest

government stock(s) 政府债券

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stock noun (LIQUID)

[ U ] a liquid used to add flavour to food, made by boiling meat or fish bones or vegetables in water

vegetable/beef/chicken stock 菜/牛肉/鸡汤

stock noun (ANIMALS)

[ U ] animals, such as cows or sheep, kept on a farm


stock noun (OPINION)

[ U ] formal the degree to which a person or organization is popular and respected

At present, the prime minister's stock is high/low. 目前,首相的声望很高/低。

stock noun (ORIGIN)

[ U ] formal the family or group that a person or animal comes from

He's an American of Irish stock. 他是个爱尔兰血统的美国人。
She's of peasant/noble stock. 她的祖先是农民/贵族。
Some of the animals will be kept as breeding stock. 一些牲畜将留作种畜。

stock noun (HANDLE)

[ C ] the support or handle of a tool, especially the part of a gun that rests against your shoulder


stock noun (FRAME)

the stocks [ plural ]

in the past, a wooden frame that was fixed around someone's feet, hands, and sometimes head, so that they were forced to sit or stand for a long time in public as a punishment


stock noun (PLANT)

[ C ] a garden plant with small pleasant-smelling, brightly coloured flowers


stockverb [ T ]

uk /stɒk/ us /stɑːk/

C1 If a shop or factory stocks something, it keeps a supply of it.

Most supermarkets stock a wide range of wines. 大多数超级市场备有许多种类的葡萄酒。

to fill something such as a cupboard or shelves with food or goods

He has a part-time job stocking shelves in the local supermarket. 他星期六有一份为本地超市上货的工作。
I always stock up the fridge before my sister comes to stay. 我总是在妹妹来住前将冰箱备满食物。

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Phrasal verb(s)


uk /stɒk/ us /stɑːk/

(of an idea, expression, or action) usual or typical, and used or done so many times that it is no longer original

a stock phrase/response 常用的字眼/老一套的回答
"Don't worry - worse things happen at sea" is her stock expression for whenever anything goes wrong. “别担心——若不这样可能会更糟呢,”这是每次出事时她一贯会说的话。

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