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stomachnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈstʌm.ək/ us /ˈstʌm.ək/ plural stomachs

A2 an organ in the body where food is digested, or the soft front part of your body just below the chest

He was punched in the stomach. 他肚子上挨了一拳。
The doctor asked him to lie down on his stomach. 医生让他俯卧。
The sight of blood always churns/turns my stomach (= makes me feel as if I am going to vomit). 看见血总会让我反胃。
She has a very delicate stomach and doesn't eat spicy food. 她肠胃不好,不能吃辛辣食物。
I was hungry and my stomach had started growling/rumbling (= making noises). 我饿了,肚子开始咕咕叫了。
He felt a knot of nervousness in the pit (= bottom) of his stomach. 他感到心里一阵紧张。
I suggested that some weak tea might settle (= calm) her stomach. 我建议她喝杯茶,也许可以缓解她胃部的不适。

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stomachverb [ T usually in negatives ]

uk /ˈstʌm.ək/ us /ˈstʌm.ək/

to be able to accept an unpleasant idea or watch something unpleasant

He can't stomach the idea that Peter might be the next chairman. 他一想到彼得可能会出任下届主席就很不舒服。
She found the violence in the film hard to stomach. 她觉得这部电影中的暴力场面令人难以忍受。

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