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uk /stəʊn/ us /stoʊn/

stone noun (ROCK)

B1 [ C or U ] the hard, solid substance found in the ground that is often used for building, or a piece of this

a stone wall/floor 石墙/石头地面
a flight of stone steps 一段石头台阶
a primitive stone axe 简陋的石斧
They cut enormous blocks of stone out of the hillside. 他们从山上开采出大量的石料。
Some demonstrators were arrested for throwing stones at the police. 一些示威者因向警察投掷石块被逮捕。

[ C ] a piece of hard material that can form in some organs in the body and cause severe pain

kidney/gall stones 肾/胆结石

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stone noun (WEIGHT)

[ C ] plural stone or stones UK written abbreviation st a unit of weight equal to 14 pounds or 6.35 kilograms, used especially when talking about a person's weight

I weigh ten and a half stone. 我的体重是10.5英石。
She has put on/lost a stone (= is a stone heavier/lighter). 她重/轻了1英石。

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stone noun (JEWEL)

B1 [ C ] a small piece of a hard, valuable substance, such as a diamond, that is found in the ground and used in jewellery

a precious/semiprecious stone 宝石/半宝石
The large central diamond is surrounded by eight smaller stones. 中间的大钻石周围围绕着8颗小钻石。

stone noun (SEED)

C2 [ C ] mainly UK US usually pit a large, hard seed inside some types of fruit

Peaches, plums, and olives all contain stones. 桃子、李子、枣、鳄梨和橄榄都有果核。

stoneverb [ T ]

uk /stəʊn/ us /stoʊn/

stone verb [ T ] (THROW ROCKS)

to throw stones at something or someone

Rioters set up barricades and stoned police cars. 暴徒们设置了街垒,并向警车投掷石块。
stone sb to death

to kill someone as a punishment by throwing stones at them


stone verb [ T ] (REMOVE SEED)

US usually pit to remove the stone from a fruit

Could you stone the cherries for me? 你能帮我把樱桃去一下核吗 ?

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