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uk /stɒp/ us /stɑːp/ -pp-

stop verb (FINISH)

A1 [ I or T ] to finish doing something that you were doing

Once I start eating chocolate, I can't stop. 我一开始吃巧克力,就停不了嘴了。
[ + -ing verb ] Stop shouting - you're giving me a headache! 别再叫了——你搞得我头都疼了!
I couldn't stop laughing. 我忍不住笑个没完。
Stop it!/Stop that! 住手!

B1 [ I or T ] to not continue to operate

My watch must have stopped. 我的表一定是停了。
The air conditioner has stopped working. 空调停了。

B1 [ I or T ] to not move any more or to make someone or something not move any more

Stop the car, I want to get out! 把车停下,我要下去!
I heard him shout, "Stop, or I'll shoot!" 我听到他大叫:“停下,否则我就开枪了!”

A1 [ I + -ing verb ] to finish doing something that you do regularly or as a habit

Apparently she's stopped drinking. 显然,她戒酒了。
I stopped seeing him last year. 去年我和他分手了。

A2 [ I ] to pause for a short time while travelling or during an activity

Does this train stop at Finsbury Park? 本次列车在芬斯伯里公园有站吗?
Why don't you just stop somewhere and ask for directions? 为什么你不找个地方停一下问问路呢?
[ + to infinitive ] I stopped to pick up a letter that I'd dropped. 我停下脚步,捡起我掉在地上的信。

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stop verb (PREVENT)

B1 [ T ] to prevent someone from doing something

If she really wants to leave, I don't understand what's stopping her. 如果她真的想走,我不明白有什么事绊住了她。
[ + -ing verb ] They've put barriers up to stop people (from) getting through. 他们筑起了街垒,阻止人们通行。
Something must be done to stop the fighting. 必须做点儿什么来制止争斗。
stop a cheque UK US stop a check, stop payment on a check

to tell your bank not to deal with a cheque that you have written, so that the money is not paid from your bank account


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stop verb (STAY)

UK [ I ] to stay in a place

Are you coming with me or are you stopping here? 你是和我一起走还是就留在这儿?
I can't stop - Marc is waiting for me outside. 我不能再呆了——马尔科姆在外面等着我呢。
Now that you're here, why don't you stop for some tea? 既然你已经来了,为什么不留下来喝杯茶呢?
I've been out every night this week, so I thought I'd stop in (= stay at home) tonight. 这个星期我每个晚上都在外面,所以今晚想留在家里了。
We stopped up (= did not go to bed) until two o'clock last night watching the late film. 我们昨晚看晚场电影,一直熬到两点才睡。

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stop verb (BLOCK)

[ T ] to block a hole

We stopped (up) the gap with some rags. 我们用些破布塞住了豁口。

stopnoun [ C ]

uk /stɒp/ us /stɑːp/

B1 the act of stopping an activity or journey, or a period of time when you stop

Please remain in your seat until the plane comes to a complete stop. 请在飞机停稳前留在自己的座位上。
We'd have been here sooner, but we made several stops along the way. 我们本来可以早点儿到这儿的,但我们中途停了好几次。
At the beginning of the project there were a lot of stops and starts. 项目开始的时候,有很多磕磕绊绊。
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A1 a place where vehicles, especially buses, stop in order to allow passengers to get off and on

a bus stop 公交车站
I'm getting off at the next stop. 我下一站下车。
Is this our stop (= where we must get off)? 我们是这一站下吗?

UK short form of full stop noun

put a stop to sth

C1 to stop an unpleasant, unwanted activity or habit from continuing

He used to smoke in bed when I first got to know him, but I soon put a stop to that! 我刚认识他的时候,他总是躺在床上抽烟,但我很快就让他改掉了!

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