Translation of "stop" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (FINISH) 完成 uk us /stɒp/ US  /stɑːp/ (-pp-)

[ I or T ] to finish doing something that you were doing

Once I start eating chocolate, I can't stop. 我一开始吃巧克力,就停不了嘴了。
[ + -ing verb ] Stop shouting - you're giving me a headache! 别再叫了——你搞得我头都疼了!
I couldn't stop laughing. 我忍不住笑个没完。
Stop it!/Stop that! 住手!

[ I or T ] to not continue to operate

My watch must have stopped. 我的表一定是停了。
The air conditioner has stopped working. 空调停了。

[ I or T ] to not move any more or to make someone or something not move any more

Stop the car, I want to get out! 把车停下,我要下去!
I heard him shout "Stop, or I'll shoot!" 我听到他大叫:“停下,否则我就开枪了!”

[ I + -ing verb ] to finish doing something that you do regularly or as a habit

Apparently she's stopped drinking. 显然,她戒酒了。
I stopped seeing him last year. 去年我和他分手了。

[ I ] to pause in a journey or an activity for a short time

Does this train stop at Finsbury Park? 本次列车在芬斯伯里公园有站吗?
Why don't you just stop somewhere and ask for directions? 为什么你不找个地方停一下问问路呢?
[ + to infinitive ] I stopped to pick up a letter that I'd dropped. 我停下脚步,捡起我掉在地上的信。

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