Translation of "stretch" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (GO PAST) 越过 uk us /stretʃ/

to go as far as or past the usual limit of something

Many families' budgets are already stretched to breaking point. 许多家庭的预算已经撑到了极限。
We can't work any harder, Paul. We're already fully stretched. 我们无法再更卖力了,保罗。我们已经竭尽全力了。
This movie really stretches the patience of the audience to the limit. 这部电影简直就是在考验观众的耐性。
We don't normally allow in people under 18, but I suppose we could stretch the rules for you as it's your birthday tomorrow. 我们通常不接纳未满18岁的人,但考虑到明天是你的生日,我想我们可以稍稍变通一下。

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