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uk /strɪp/ us /strɪp/ -pp-

strip verb (REMOVE COVER)

[ T ] to remove, pull, or tear the covering or outer layer from something

Because of the pollution, the trees are almost completely stripped of bark. 由于受到污染,树木的表皮几乎完全脱落。
The paintwork was so bad that we decided to strip off all the paint and start again. 漆面太糟,我们决定铲去所有的油漆重漆一遍。
[ + adj ] During the summer months, the sheep strip the mountains bare. 夏天的几个月里,羊群把山上啃得光秃秃的。

strip verb (REMOVE CLOTHING)

[ I or T ] UK also strip off [ I ] to remove your clothing, or to remove all the clothing of someone else

The men were ordered to strip.
UK Suddenly he stripped off and ran into the sea. 他突然脱掉衣服冲进大海。
[ + adj ] He had been stripped naked, beaten and robbed.

strip verb (REMOVE PARTS)

[ T ] to remove parts of a machine, vehicle, or engine in order to clean or repair it

I've decided to strip down my motorbike and rebuild it. 我已经决定了把摩托车拆开重新组装。

[ T ] mainly US to remove the parts of a car, etc. in order to sell them



uk /strɪp/ us /strɪp/

strip noun (PIECE)

C1 [ C ] a long, flat, narrow piece

a narrow strip of land 狭长地带
He didn't have a bandage, so he ripped up his shirt into thin strips. 他没有绷带,就把衬衫撕成细条。
Protect the magnetic strip on your credit card from scratches, heat, or other damage. 注意保护信用卡的磁条,防止划伤、受热、受潮以及其他损伤。

strip noun (CLOTHING)

[ C usually singular ] UK the clothing worn by a football team that has the team's colours on it

The team will be wearing its new strip at next Saturday's match. 球队在下周六的比赛中将穿新队服亮相。

strip noun (REMOVE CLOTHING)

[ S ] UK an entertainment in which the performer removes all his or her clothing

He jumped up on the table and started to do a strip. 他跳上桌子,开始跳起了脱衣舞。

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