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uk /strɒŋ/ us /strɑːŋ/

strong adjective (NOT WEAK)

A2 powerful; having or using great force or control

She must be very strong to carry such a weight on her back. 她背着这么重的东西,一定很强健。
It is surely the duty of the stronger members in a society to help those who are weak. 任何社会中帮助弱者都是强者不可推卸的责任。
My grandmother had a strong influence/effect on my early childhood. 我祖母在我的幼年对我影响很大。
Strong winds are forecast in the area for the next few days. 预计未来几天这一地区将有大风。
It's surprising what strong memories a photograph can produce. 一张像片可以引起如此深刻的记忆,实在令人惊讶。
Get Carl to lift it - he's as strong as an ox (= very strong). 让卡尔来提起它吧-卡尔象牛一样壮。

B2 effective; of a good quality or level and likely to be successful

We will need strong policies if our economic problems are to be solved. 要解决我们的经济问题,需要采取强有力的政策。
I can give you stronger pain-killing drugs if these aren't strong enough. 如果这些止痛药药力不够的话,我可以给你一些药效更强的。
Strong trading links exist between us and many South American countries. 我们已和许多南美洲国家建立了牢固的贸易关系。

B2 skilled or good at doing something

Without a doubt, she's the strongest candidate we've interviewed for the job. 毫无疑问,在我们所面试的这个职位的求职者中,她是能力最强的。
As a guitarist, he's strong on (= good at) technique but lacks feeling in some pieces. 作为一名吉他手,他的演奏技法很娴熟,不过也许在演奏某些曲子时缺乏感情。

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strong adjective (DETERMINED)

B2 difficult to argue with; firm and determined

She has strong opinions about religion. 她有非常坚定的宗教主张。
He has a strong personality, but don't let him bully you. 他个性很强,但别让他欺侮你。
Most of the group have strong views on the subject of divorce. 大部分小组成员对于离婚的看法非常固执。

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strong adjective (NOTICEABLE)

B1 If a taste, smell, etc. is strong, it is very noticeable or powerful.

A strong light was shining straight in my eyes. 一道强光直刺进我的眼里。
There's a really strong smell of bleach in the corridor. 走廊里有一股极为刺鼻的漂白粉味。
This coffee is too strong for me. 我不喜欢味道太浓的咖啡/茶。
The room was decorated in very strong colours. 房间装饰的色调非常亮丽。
What a strong likeness there is between the brothers! 兄弟俩长得真像。

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strong adjective (DIFFICULT TO BREAK)

B1 difficult to break, destroy, or make sick, or able to support a heavy weight or force

a strong box/chair 结实的盒子/椅子
The window is made from very strong glass - it won't shatter. 窗户用的是强化玻璃——不会碎。
It's a serious disease, but he's very strong - I think he'll pull through.
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strong adjective (LIKELY)

C2 very likely to happen

There's a strong possibility/likelihood of finding the child within the next few hours. 很有可能在随后的几个小时内找到孩子。
The treatment's chances of success are stronger if it is started as soon as the disease is diagnosed. 该病确诊后如果马上接受治疗,治愈的可能性会大很多。

strong adjective (IN NUMBER)

[ after noun ] having the stated number of people, members, etc.

The crowd had grown to be several hundred strong.
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strong adjective (CHEMISTRY)

specialized chemistry A strong acid, alkali, or chemical base produces many ions (= atoms with an electrical charge) when it is dissolved in water.



uk /strɒŋ/ us /strɑːŋ/ informal
come on strong

UK to behave towards another person in a way that is too severe, or that shows a strong sexual interest that the other person does not want

I think you came on a bit strong - it wasn't her fault. 你当时有些太过分了——她又不是故意那么干的。
He's always coming on strong to me - I wish he'd stop. 他老是挑逗我——我真希望他别这么做了。

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