Translation of "strong" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT WEAK) 不弱的 uk us /strɒŋ/ US  /strɑːŋ/

powerful; having or using great force or control

She must be very strong to carry such a weight on her back. 她背着这么重的东西,一定很强健。
It is surely the duty of the stronger members in a society to help those who are weak. 任何社会中帮助弱者都是强者不可推卸的责任。
My grandmother had a strong influence/effect on my early childhood. 我祖母在我的幼年对我影响很大。
Strong winds are forecast in the area for the next few days. 预计未来几天这一地区将有大风。
It's surprising what strong memories a photograph can produce. 一张像片可以引起如此深刻的记忆,实在令人惊讶。
Get Carl to lift it - he's as strong as an ox (= very strong). 让卡尔来提起它吧-卡尔象牛一样壮。

effective; of a good quality or level and likely to be successful

We will need strong policies if our economic problems are to be solved. 要解决我们的经济问题,需要采取强有力的政策。
I can give you stronger pain-killing drugs if these aren't strong enough. 如果这些止痛药药力不够的话,我可以给你一些药效更强的。
Strong trading links exist between us and many South American countries. 我们已和许多南美洲国家建立了牢固的贸易关系。

clever or good at doing things

Without a doubt, she's the strongest candidate we've interviewed for the post. 毫无疑问,在我们所面试的这个职位的求职者中,她是能力最强的。
As a guitarist, he's strong on (= good at) technique but perhaps lacks feeling in some pieces. 作为一名吉他手,他的演奏技法很娴熟,不过也许在演奏某些曲子时缺乏感情。

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